Mobility Homework

Supple Ankles Anyone?

Supple Ankles Anyone?

How much can your ankles really inhibit your favorite activities?

The ankle is a tiny joint and after all, it only holds your foot onto your leg! For most people ankle mobility is an underrated and misunderstood necessity. You keep hearing (what quickly becomes ever so obnoxious) your coach yelling, "Sit back in your heels Emily", "Get your chest up Emily", "Emily, you have lost all of your lumbar curve, seriously?!" Squats turn south quick without the much sought after supple ankle. So what kind of range of motion are we looking for here and how do we get it? 

Mobility Homework for Overhead Positions

When I talk to other CrossFit athletes, I frequently find myself commiserating over the pain of the overhead position. This position is a real b*tch. I have such a hard time with it, that when I first started CrossFit, my arms would fall asleep. Try holding a barbell overhead with limp arms — not happening. 

Initially, my challenge overhead confused me — I have strong shoulders, so I shouldn't have any problems, right? Wrong.  I discovered that it's all about position and to improve my position, I need to improve my mobility. 

Accept the Mobility Challenge

Happy New Year! I love the first few weeks of January. Many people are still riding high on the festivities of the holidays and there is an air of hopefulness as people set goals and plan the improvements they're going to make in this brand new year — this blank slate. 

For me, on a physical level, this year is about being gentle to my body. Over the past few years, I've continued to test my physical limits, without taking the time to understand those limits. I'm hoping that if I put the time into understanding my body and its physical boundaries, I will take better care to not recklessly push it until it breaks. So, I found a mantra for the year (because important things need a mantra): 

Mobility Homework for a Chilly Weekend

This week has been cold here in Colorado — like, booger-freezing cold. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be warming up much over the weekend. So, today I thought to myself, "self, if you're going to be inside all weekend, you better make some progress on your mobility." And! And! Guess what?! Now that we have final designs and the cards are off to the printer, I can use Mobility on Demand to plan my workout.

Your Weekend Mobility Homework

The weekend is here, which means you have more time to take care of your body and recover from all of the hard work and physical stress you put it through this week. 

We'd like to help you with your recovery, which is why we've put together some Mobility Homework for you. While I'm sure the word "homework" might elicit groans from the peanut gallery, don't worry -- this is GOOD homework. It's the kind of homework you'll be glad you completed over the weekend, so when Monday rolls around, you'll be ready to get back at it!

This weekend I suggest that you spend time mobilizing your hamstrings and hips. This is partly selfish because I did a lot of running and squatting this week and owe my hips and upper legs some quality time.

Mobility Homework | 11.7.14 | Hamstrings & Hips



Lay on the ground with both legs extended on the floor. Raise one leg towards the ceiling, maintaining a soft knee. Hold your leg behind the knee, and pull towards your chest to increase hip flexion. Hold. Switch legs.

Hold this position for thirty seconds on each side, two times through.

Standing Split Stretch

Spread your feet very wide, like you're trying to do a split. Use your hands to brace yourself against the floor and continue to move your feet outwards as far as you can go.

Hold this position for one - two minutes. Move your torso towards either leg to increase the intensity of the stretch on either side. If you get a bit of a head-rush, feel free to come out of the position and then return.

Inappropriate Stretch

Kneel on your hands and knees with the bottom of your feet touching a wall behind you. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and the inside edge of your foot should be flat on the ground. Spread your knees apart as far as possible, working your hips towards the ground. Lower onto your forearms and keep your back flat. Push your butt towards the wall.

Remain in this position for two - three minutes.

This mobility series will take less than ten minutes and then you can get on with doing all of your fun weekend things!